How a Georgia-based construction company named Gray Construction named its own birthday cake

Gray Construction has been a name that has come up in conversations with the U.S. Congress, as well as some of its own employees, over the years.

The company has been named a 2017 National Medal of Technology, a 2016 Goodyear award, a 2015 American Association of Realtors award, and is one of the more than 80 companies named for their achievements.

In fact, the company is one that the U,S.

Government awarded in 2016 to one of its employees, who was named a 2016 U.N. Humanitarian of the Year.

That person was a senior contractor on the $15.6 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program.

That’s a $500 billion program that is set to cost more than $5 trillion.

The program is in development and has already cost $4.6 trillion and will eventually be funded by a new tax on high-tech goods.

But the project is not just a defense program, according to Gray Construction’s website.

The construction company has built and managed more than 1,200 buildings in Georgia and Florida.

Gray Construction also operates a large manufacturing plant in Florida, as a partner in two other major construction projects in the state.

Gray is also a member of the American Iron and Steel Association.

Its mission is to build a sustainable and innovative future for the steel industry.

It has been recognized for its work with a number of government agencies, including the U to the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In 2017, Gray Construction received a $50,000 grant from the U Department of Commerce to improve its safety training.

It is also recognized for other positive projects, including a $25,000 award to support a Georgia Institute of Technology research center, a $2 million grant to support the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and a $20,000 project to restore a road to its former glory.

But Gray Construction isn’t the only construction company to have had its own name.

Construction firm Nieva Construction has also been named by the U Government for its achievements in Georgia, and it is currently working on its own project.

In 2016, Nievas was named an American Heart Association Heart Champion for its Heart of Atlanta project, which is dedicated to helping the local community by rehabilitating and improving roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, Niesvas is also working on a plan to restore historic buildings.

“Nievas is proud to be recognized for this work,” said Mark Pyle, the CEO of Nievis.

“We’re committed to making the roads of our region safer and better for our citizens.”

The company is currently seeking public assistance to complete its project, but has not yet announced an estimated completion date.

In 2018, Niedvas was awarded a $75,000 federal grant from Congress to conduct a survey to determine the best name for the company.

The survey was conducted in February and will take about two years.

In addition to Nievas, another Georgia-related company named for the U is Gray Construction.

The name Gray Construction was chosen because it has the same name as the Georgia Construction Association, a state-level trade association, and because it was selected as one of three companies to receive the National Medal for Engineering in 2017.

Gray has been called a “leader in the construction industry” and a “global leader” in the area of advanced manufacturing, according the company’s website, which states, “Gray has been selected as the 2017 National Engineering Medal of Excellence for its engineering leadership in the development of the United States’ first high-performance industrial park.”

That’s the name of the former Gray Construction site in the Atlanta suburb of Edgewood, which was completed in 1871 and named after a prominent local businessman, George Gray, who built a $150,000 shipyard there.

The city has been redeveloping the area and has a number other new projects planned to revitalize the area, including redeveloping vacant properties that were once used as warehouses and warehouses used to store furniture and other goods.

Gray construction was a partner on a project in 2017 to improve a bridge over the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta.

The bridge was built in the 1950s and was one of several structures built by Gray.

In the early 2000s, the riverbed became a major recreational area for many of the area’s residents, many of whom grew up near the site.

The project, called “The Great Chattahoocom”, was meant to bridge over a portion of the Chattanoogas River, and a number community groups have been working to preserve it for generations.

The site, which once was used as a water supply and storage facility, is currently being preserved.

The plan is to use the reclaimed land as a park, and in 2018, the City of Atlanta announced it had secured a $

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