When the Mets sign a new center fielder, will they try to re-sign Jacob deGrom?

With the Mets now looking to reacquire the services of Jacob de Grom, the organization is looking for a center fielder in center field.

It’s a position that the team has struggled with throughout their rebuild.

DeGrom is in the midst of a career year at the plate with a career-high .295/.345/.500 slash line, but his batting average has dropped to .246 this season, and he’s also slugging just .216/.283/.314.

With the team desperately seeking a center field upgrade, it seems unlikely that the Mets will be able to land one of the free agents in the game, let alone a player like deGrome, who is projected to command a $10 million-per-year contract.

If the Mets are willing to pay $10M+ for a player that will command around $20M+ per season in the long run, then it’s difficult to see how they can be successful in this rebuilding process.

In fact, the team’s front office has admitted to themselves that they can’t make a significant change to the lineup for next season, so it’s likely that the center field position is a position the team will be looking to move in the offseason.

The Mets are currently in the middle of a rebuild that will see the team move several players including starting pitchers Josh Edgin, Matt Harvey, and J.P. Crawford.

If there is a player who can be acquired to help the Mets in the outfield, it’s Jacob de Gerom.

De Gerom has been one of baseball’s most impressive defensive center fielders for years, and it’s hard to see him not getting a raise.

De Grom is only 23 years old and is currently batting .267/.342/.455, and his defense is the reason why the Mets have been able to play with such a strong offense during his career.

With this offseason, the Mets would be foolish not to take advantage of the fact that de Gerome is an absolute superstar.

With de Geom set to become a free agent, it would make sense for the Mets to get rid of his contract.

De gerom has a $12.5 million option for next year, and with a $15M signing bonus for 2017, the chances of the Mets getting a good deal are extremely slim.

If de Geemre was to hit .300 or better in the regular season, then the Mets could be looking at a very reasonable deal.

But if he’s batting just .230/.289/.300, then that’s a $7M buyout that de geom could have to swallow.

De grom’s defense is an area that the franchise is desperate to upgrade, and the Mets might not be able find a player to upgrade it with.

DeGerom is an amazing defender and would certainly be a great addition to the team.

While the Mets aren’t going to sign De Geom to a long-term deal, it doesn’t mean that they won’t try to acquire him.

The team has been rumored to be interested in trading De Gemmer this offseason and, in the end, it might be best to just let him go, but the Mets need to do something to help him and he has plenty of time to get to free agency.