Trump and Putin: Who’s who in Putin’s Russia

Trump is a former KGB agent who has called for “a strong, independent Ukraine” and “free trade.”

He also has ties to Russian oligarchs and heads a pro-Russian political party.

Trump has long been a vocal critic of the United States and NATO, and in May 2014, he accused Russia of “sabotaging” the NATO mission in Afghanistan, which was a reference to the NATO troop surge.

In February, he said that “we should do everything in our power to sabotage the NATO-Russia relationship,” and said the United Nations Security Council should vote against the deployment of Russian troops in the country.

Trump also has a history of making unsubstantiated claims.

In 2016, Trump suggested that the U.S. government was paying off former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he was supporting for president.

“Hillary Clinton, who was a major contributor to the DNC, the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, is a puppet for the Russians.

You have a puppet in the White House,” Trump said.

The next day, Trump tweeted that the DNC “was very badly hurt by the rigged system.”

Trump has also criticized the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.

In a May 2017 interview with The New York Times, Trump said he “wouldn’t be surprised if Britain would have to leave NATO.”

Trump also made unsubstantiation claims about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

The Washington Post reported that Rich was killed on July 10, 2016, after he was gunned down in the back by an unknown assailant who fled the scene.

Rich had provided WikiLeaks with emails stolen from the DNC.

Trump, who had previously made unsubstanceable claims about Rich, was asked during the interview if Rich had been killed by Russia.

Trump said, “I think he was killed by the Russians.”

On Monday, Trump denied any knowledge of Rich’s death.

Trump’s relationship with Putin has been scrutinized by his own party, which has called him a threat to national security.

In August, the House Intelligence Committee released a report alleging that Trump and Russian operatives were in contact with Russian officials in hopes of obtaining damaging information about Clinton.

Trump claimed that Russia had not sought the information, and that he did not know of any Russian officials who had contacted him.

“I have absolutely no idea if it ever happened.

I have no idea what they were talking about.

I haven’t even spoken to them,” Trump told The Washington Examiner in August.

“What I have to say is I have a lot of respect for Vladimir Putin.

I respect Putin.

He’s a strong man.

I think he’s a leader.

He has a lot going on, and I think Russia, frankly, has a very important relationship with China.

We’re being bombed from the outside, which is why we’re in a state of war.””

But I think the real issue is, we’re being attacked from the inside.

We’re being bombed from the outside, which is why we’re in a state of war.”

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