Why the ‘wall’ is coming down

Construction of a border wall will begin soon in Mexico, with the Mexican government promising to install thousands of fencing, barriers and patrol posts across the border. 

The government said it will start construction on a 1,500-kilometre (8,000-mile) border fence on Saturday and would begin the first phase of construction on the entire border by the end of the year. 

A series of construction zones are being established around the country, with construction sites being established in southern and western Mexico, where construction has already begun. 

Mexico will start a major programme of fence construction in the next three to five years, according to Mexican government spokesman Rafael Ramirez. 

“Today we’re starting to get a very clear picture of the progress of the construction,” Mr Ramirez said. 

At a ceremony in Mexico City, Mr Ramirez announced the completion of construction sites. 

More to come.