What are the top ten projects in construction in Ireland?

Construction Journal (CTJ) has named the top 10 projects in the construction industry in Ireland.

The list was compiled by the construction publication on a list of top projects completed in 2017.

The project highlighted on the list is a new 100 metre high tower that is being built on a property in Connemara.

It will be the largest of its kind in Ireland and will span 3,500 metres and have a height of more than 1,000 metres.

The first phase of the project, which will be completed by the end of 2021, is a seven storey building, which is set to have a total floor area of 1,400,000 square metres.

This will be followed by a three storey tower at a site near the centre of the city, which has a floor area less than 700,000 sq metres.

It is also the first of three towers planned in the area, which includes the former home of the local council and a number of offices.

The new tower will be built on the site of the former Connemarra General Hospital, which was sold to the Irish Construction and Building Society in 2017 for €2.8 million.

The site of Connemarrra General Health has been used for a number in the past.

The Connemora Hospital, with its heritage, is located in the middle of the City of Connabhac, on the border of Kildare and Cork.

The building will be divided into two towers, one for each ward.

In the west wing, a 1,500 metre long tower will house a new cardiac ward, which opened in the year 2020.

It will have a capacity of 300 people.

In between these two towers will be a 1.5 metre tall building with a capacity for 200 people, which also opened in 2020.

In a further development, the west side of the hospital will be converted into a new 24-hour emergency ward, with a maximum capacity of 350 patients.

The hospital was built in 1912 as the Connemoran General Hospital and was renamed the Connemenor General Hospital in 1953.

The area will be used to house other hospitals in the city including the Connestra Hospital and Connemannor General Medical College, which have been closed for over 20 years.

Construction Journal has been reporting on construction in Connemenors building for the past five years.