Construction Management Certification: A Key Step in Zachry Construction

Zachry Construction Canada is pleased to announce its construction management certificate program has been expanded to include the following areas:• Construction management certification is a key step in achieving Zachary Construction’s quality assurance objectives and increasing the likelihood that our construction projects meet the Zachery Construction Certification Standards (CCSS).• The program provides for the training and assessment of certified construction managers and their contractors.• The certificate program is open to all construction managers who are not currently members of Zachrys construction management group and who meet the minimum qualifications for Zachries construction management qualification.• Zachys construction management program will be available for the general public in September 2018.• Construction managers are now eligible for the ZACHRY Construction Management Certificate.

The program has three levels:• Level 1 includes the basics and is for construction managers that are familiar with the principles of the ZACSM, including the building design principles and requirements, construction techniques, and other relevant design documents.• Level 2 includes more advanced certification, including more detailed construction management knowledge and requirements for the construction project.•Level 3 provides for further development and certification through the certification of more advanced building management skills.

For more information on the program, please visit: more about Zachreys construction management training, visit: