How much did you know about the NFL’s new ‘No Huddle’? We’ll let you in on the facts…

When you think of the NFL, the first thing that comes to mind is the team logo.

But there are a number of other logos that can be found in the game, too.

The NFL has been experimenting with different looks for its logo in the past year or so, with many fans saying that the logo is now far more neutral and a lot more inclusive.

Some of the new designs are pretty bold, including one that looks a lot like the logo used by the Houston Texans in the NFL.

The new logo, which has been around for a while now, has also been criticized by some for being too similar to the old logo.

The old logo is an iconic logo that has been used by a number, but has also inspired many different logos.

The logo has a history, and the new design looks like a lot of things have been taken from it.

Here are some of the other designs that have been used.

This new logo doesn’t look too dissimilar from the old one, but there are some differences:The new design has a darker background and is more aggressive with its colors.

The new logo also looks like it has a more dramatic impact.

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