Which team is building the most?

A new study of the 2016 NFL season shows that the Green Bay Packers are building the best stadium in the league.

The study by the Associated Press, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Center for Sports Analytics at the University, found that the Packers’ stadium is better than every other stadium in football.

In fact, the study found the Green Packers are the best in the NFL in terms of capacity, revenue and average home-field advantage.

The Packers have been on a winning streak, winning five consecutive Super Bowls.

The new study by UW-Madison’s Sports Economics Institute found that Packers Stadium has the most capacity in the National Football League and has the largest capacity in all of professional sports.

The Packers also have the second-largest capacity in professional sports, behind only the New England Patriots.

The UW-Milwaukee study looked at stadium revenues, attendance and ticket prices, and compared them to stadiums in the United States and the rest of the world.

The study found that a Packers stadium generates about $12.7 billion in revenue annually, more than any other stadium, including the Seattle Seahawks.

In comparison, the average revenue for the average NFL stadium is about $4.3 billion.

The average revenue of the average US stadium is $6.2 billion.

The stadium is located in the former home of the Packers.

It was built in 1950, and is the home of both the team and the Packers since 1966.

The research team is led by Aaron Litzenberg, a UW-Waukesha professor of economics and director of the Center.

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