A broken landing site, a new building and a building with a $10 million price tag are among the problems that will haunt the new construction firm GINGERSBREAD.

The new owner, the state-owned Georgia-based T-Rex Construction, said in a press release Wednesday that it has completed its new office and construction complex in the city of Greensboro, and that it will soon begin the process of opening a second location in North Carolina.

T-REX is the parent company of GINGERTIES, a construction and real estate company.

It said it plans to build an additional 3,500 jobs at the new site in Greensboro.

The company is hoping to hire more than 15,000 people, said George Kayser, T-RX’s chief executive.

“We are excited to bring more jobs and opportunities to the area, and we are looking forward to welcoming our employees into the workforce.”

The company plans to hire a full-time executive director, which will allow it to hire an additional 150 people, according to a release from the Greensboro-based city council.

TREX said the company expects to open in 2019 and have a workforce of 1,500.

The project will be the second Georgia-owned building to open this year, after the company completed the $7 million renovation of the North Carolina State Capitol building.

The first building, at the former North Carolina Capitol, opened in May.

The Greensboro building was constructed by a Georgia-backed developer and is scheduled to open next year.

The city is also renovating its downtown.

The GINGEBREAD complex will feature a 2,500-square-foot building that will be used for the company’s training and office space, Kaysner said.

The building will also have a gym, restaurants and other office space.

The site will feature about 20 parking spaces and will also include a bike rack.

The complex also includes a parking garage, and will house a food truck and a second building, which T-Rex will begin working on next year, Kaneser said.

“Our new Greensboro location is an exciting step in the company plans for our future,” Kaysersaid.

“This will allow us to create jobs for our local workforce and bring a whole new layer of service and expertise to Greensboro.”

A spokesperson for T-rex said it is “committed to providing our employees with the best opportunity for employment in the future.”

It said the new building will bring additional opportunities for its employees to work in a variety of fields including construction, construction and finance.

The T-reyes new office is expected to open within the next two years.

TREE & SOUTH PATTERSON, the local labor union representing workers at the site, praised the company for taking the time to build the building.

“It’s important for us to support the workers that will move to Greensborough and the surrounding area in the coming years, and I know they’re going to be the first ones to know that the building has been completed,” said Scott Williams, the president of the PATTISON Local 921.

“Greensboro is a great place to be, and it is important that these jobs continue to be created here.

The construction is going to create a great amount of jobs for the local community.”

The city’s council is scheduled for a special meeting Wednesday to approve a final agreement between T-rents owners and GINGESBREAD, a process that will take a year.

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