Why the world needs a trucker’s revolution

It’s no secret that the world’s trucking industry is in a slow, steady decline.

But for trucking companies, the decline isn’t necessarily slowing down, nor is it slowing down for truckers.

While the US is still home to some of the largest fleet owners in the world, in the past decade the industry has been largely driven by a handful of players, including the American Trucking Associations (ATA), which has been a big part of the industry for decades.

Since 2007, when the United States enacted the nation’s largest trucking subsidy, the ATA has been in the driver’s seat, providing about $2.8 billion in federal and state funding annually to help trucking firms compete against cheaper imports.

And as the industry grows in size, the drivers are seeing a steady influx of new hires.

But trucking is hardly the only industry that is experiencing a big shift.

Many other industries have seen big changes in the last decade, from digital signage to home automation, but trucking has experienced one of the biggest shifts.

Trucking companies like General Motors and Boeing have seen an explosion in the number of jobs and the size of their fleets, while trucking’s rivals have largely stayed the same.

Now, the US Department of Transportation is proposing a sweeping overhaul of the trucking system that would make it easier for truck owners to get their fleets in line and reduce the risk of truck collisions.

But there’s a catch.

In order to be eligible for the money, trucking must be able to prove it is in full compliance with existing federal trucking regulations, including a requirement to have drivers with at least four years of experience in trucking.

The DOT is also proposing to expand the number and types of trucks it will be allowed to operate, which could mean an increase in the amount of trucking jobs across the country.

The US DOT’s proposal, which was released Monday, will also likely mean the truck industry will start seeing more and more trucks, including more trucks from foreign manufacturers.

The proposal, called the Comprehensive Trucking Modernization Act of 2017, would fund a massive new fleet of nearly 3,500 vehicles, covering everything from small, fuel-efficient trucks to bigger, heavier trucks.

But unlike the DOT proposal, the proposal also includes funding for a fleet of new fleet-wide vehicles, including at least 200 of the newer, larger vehicles.

The cost of the proposed plan would be $10 billion over the next ten years, and it’s a plan that’s been championed by the companies that make the trucks that drive our roads.

And while the companies behind the trucks will likely be happy to see the truck companies in their corner, truckers are more concerned about how the new fleet will affect their jobs.

In the truckers’ eyes, the new vehicles could be a threat to their jobs, and that’s what they are pushing for.

“I think it’s just a really bad idea,” said Paul Bowers, the president of the American Motorcyclists Association (AMA).

“The fact is, it will cost a lot of people their jobs and it will also affect the lives of their families and it could be really bad for our country.”

A major driver of the increase in truck traffic is a growing domestic market, with demand outpacing the supply of truckers in recent years.

The increase in demand for trucks has been driven in large part by the arrival of China and other countries in recent decades, but in the US, the demand has also come from other parts of the world.

According to the International Federation of Independent Freight Shipping, the world has been seeing a boom in cargo shipments from China in recent times, particularly in the wake of the China stock market crash.

In 2017, China was responsible for almost two-thirds of the global freight volume, with its share of the market increasing by more than 15 percent between 2012 and 2017.

According the International Business Times, the country accounted for $1.9 trillion in total freight trade last year, more than double the $800 billion it carried in 2014.

That has driven demand for freight from countries like India, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico, and led to the rise of more than 40 new countries to the global trade map, according to the Institute for Supply Management.

With the influx of demand, truck companies have been looking for ways to capitalize on it.

“What they have done is have an enormous amount of capital spending,” said Mike Meehan, president of U.S. Freight Transportation Alliance, a trade association for truck drivers.

“But the challenge they’ve been facing is, what do you do when the demand outstrips the supply?

How do you keep people from getting sick?

How can you keep workers safe?”

The industry has had to respond to these concerns, and with the introduction of the Comprehensive Passenger Load Locker, the industry is now facing new challenges.

It’s a common feature in many new vehicles, and some truckers say it could cause major problems if

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