Why does the construction industry have so much trouble estimating?

We are still not sure if we can say whether or not we are experiencing a construction industry “building syndrome”, in which we are seeing the construction sector’s own incompetence and hubris leading to a massive build-out of equipment and workers in a building boom.

But, we do know that construction workers in the UK are experiencing building shortages, with the UK construction industry expecting a “build out” of 2.5 million people by the end of 2019.

This article looks at some of the factors that could be driving this building rush, with some predictions and predictions of what is to come.

We are going to be building in a hurry.

There are a lot of signs that this is a build-up, with a rise in demand from people in the south of England, a rise of demand for accommodation and a rise on the construction side, all of which is creating a demand for workers.

The fact that we are going from a shortage to a surplus in building, and the fact that construction is now facing a shortage in both the quantity and quality of workers, suggests that this has to do with a shortage of skilled workers.

The UK government has proposed to raise the minimum wage to £8 an hour from £7 an hour in 2019.

It is worth noting that the minimum rate is currently £8.20 an hour.

In terms of wages for skilled construction workers, it is going to get much more expensive, so we should expect to see the UK building sector’s wage bill climb by over £2 billion a year in 2019-20.

We are going into a boom.

It may not be easy, but this is going be an industry-wide boom.

In 2019-2020, the average wage for UK construction workers will increase by just under £1,000.

The average wage of construction workers is also going to go up, which will lead to an increase in the supply of labour to build houses and apartment blocks.

The UK’s construction industry is not only growing but is also facing a boom in demand for construction equipment and construction workers.

As more and more buildings are being built in the north of England and in London, the UK’s population is expected to increase by around one million.

This is the same as in 2017.

The number of new homes will also increase in London by around 1.6 million, as will the number of housing developments.

In total, we are expecting around a 1 million increase in houses built in London.

The population is going from an estimated 5.5 to 6 million by the time we have reached the peak construction boom.

It is a boom that has not been seen before.

This has not happened before, and it is a very unusual boom.

The housing market in the US has been booming, and is now on a par with the boom in the construction market in England and Wales.

As the construction boom in England is only just beginning, there is no reason why we should not see the same boom in Britain.

In England and Welsh housing, we will see a boom for the second year in a row.

There will be an increase of 2,400 new houses being built over the next two years.

However, in 2020, there will be only 1,700 houses being constructed.

This will be a significant drop in the number building houses in England, and a big fall from the 2,600 houses that were built in 2016.

In Wales, there has been a dramatic fall in the population over the last year, and this is now being reversed.

The new government is trying to build up the population in the North of England by providing a massive increase in housing supply.

It will not be long before there will only be 1,800 homes being built for every 100 people living there, and even fewer homes being constructed in Wales than there were in 2016 (about 400).

As the UK has built more homes, and has seen a more rapid increase in demand, the number that is being built will become increasingly rare.

In 2021, the total number of houses being manufactured will be about one million, down from 1.7 million in 2021.

However in 2021-22, there are still around 100,000 houses being made in the South of England alone, so the number being built there will likely be much less than the 1 million in the English and Welsh areas.

The number of people living in Wales will also be very low in 2021, with around 400,000 people.

The Welsh government is planning to build 200,000 new homes over the course of the next few years, which means that there will have to be a massive fall in houses being produced in the Welsh area.

However it is hard to predict how much the Welsh Government is willing to build at the moment.

It would be great if we saw a huge increase in supply, but the number is not going to increase dramatically overnight.

It seems that the UK government is very reluctant to raise wages for construction workers at the current

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