What’s next for roof construction in Toronto?

With the city’s roof coming back to life, one project is looking to make some of its construction workers redundant.

The company behind the $400 million project is Kiewit Construction, a joint venture of the Ryerson University and Ryerson’s Graduate School of Design.

Kiewit has secured a $400-million loan from the Ontario government to help pay for a $10-million project to rebuild the roof over the new Toronto SkyTrain Station, which is being built in the city.

The project is one of the largest in Toronto’s history, with over 400,000 square feet of roof work planned to go up across the city and around the GTA.

Construction on the SkyTrain station is expected to begin in late 2019.

(CBC)Construction on Kiewits new roof is slated to start in late 2018 and be completed by 2021.

The company says that this is an increase from the $40-million construction project in 2020, which was built in conjunction with Ryerson and Ryos construction partners.

It’s a huge project, and it’s a very different roof that we have, said Rob Taylor, a construction supervisor with Kiewity Construction.

Construction supervisor Rob Taylor with the new Kiewiter roof.

(Kiewiter Construction)”This is a very big project that will be a huge opportunity for us, and we’re going to take advantage of it.”

The company says it expects to employ more than 2,000 workers, with many of them starting at the new construction site.

Taylor said it’s the biggest roof project they’ve done so far, and he said it will be “the biggest, most complex project in the entire city.”

“This will be the biggest project in Toronto history,” he said.

Construction workers prepare to put up the new roof at the construction site for the new SkyTrain Transit Station.

(Chris So/Canadian Press)Construction will be conducted at a site in Scarborough, but it’s not clear exactly what the site will look like.

Taylor confirmed that there will be two different approaches to construction, one being an “open plan” design, which will involve an open construction site and other options, and the other being a “closed plan” construction, which would involve a single-building design and other designs.

“It’s going to be a very complex project,” Taylor said.

“We are looking at different approaches.

We’re looking at a lot of different approaches.”

The new Kiyit roof will be completed with a total cost of $400,000.

The first phase of the project will involve a $40 million roof repair.

The next phase will be $50 million.

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