How a company’s construction project became a meme

In March, a small startup called Apex Constructors created a Facebook page that posted photos of their construction project in order to get more work done.

The company posted a photo of their project, with a construction crane dangling from the ceiling, as well as the tag line, “This is the only thing standing between me and a great construction job.”

The company’s first post went viral on Facebook, generating thousands of likes and hundreds of shares.

The next day, the company started getting requests from people around the world, and by June they had 50 employees working on projects in cities across the United States.

By July, the team had expanded to work on projects all over the world.

On September 11, they were in the process of moving into a larger, modern building that was supposed to be ready to go by October 1st, according to their CEO, Alex Crescenzo.

But the project got pushed back, and on October 7th, Cresci told ABC News that they had to postpone the move due to Hurricane Florence, a Category 4 storm that struck Florence and damaged some buildings and infrastructure.

“We were all just going to do this,” he said.

“But then we saw this wave coming through.

The winds came from the north and the hurricane came from us.

We were going to be on the wrong side of the river, and the tide was going to take us over the edge.”

It took more than a week to make it to the construction site, and it was only when they got there that they noticed the damage to the building.

“It was like a massive building was gone,” Cresczos said.

But it wasn’t just the roof and walls that were destroyed.

The floorboards were bent, and all the doors had been torn off.

The interior walls were damaged, too, and there was a gaping hole in the wall that was almost as wide as the building itself.

The building’s windows and doors were ripped off as well.

“Apex Constructors was completely out of business that day,” Crsc said.

They ended up moving out, and now they are back in business, working on new projects with other contractors.

But despite the problems that the team faced, they have had some positive things to say about the project.

“Our team was very supportive,” Csco, Crsci, and Cresco’s daughter said.

And now they have a new website called, and have even set up a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for renovations to the project, including a new floor to protect against the possibility of flooding.

It’s not clear if they have plans to reopen the business as a private company, but it would be nice to see that happening, Cscos said.