How to avoid getting banned from Twitter

The Narendra Modi government on Friday asked all companies that want to be on Twitter to register with the government and register with India’s social media regulator.

This will allow them to provide information about the users and their accounts to the regulator and will allow the regulator to monitor compliance.

This is the second time that the government has asked Twitter to submit its details and data for the regulator.

In May, the government had issued a similar request to Facebook, which had asked it to provide details of its users, which Facebook complied.

The government has now asked all the companies to register for a year.

The regulator is also now taking note of the social media platforms to make sure they are complying with the regulation.

It has asked the companies, which are not yet required to register, to submit the details of their users and accounts with it by March 31, 2020.

This is the first time that a government has sought to enforce compliance with the new regulations.

The government had earlier asked Twitter and Facebook to submit information on their users for the Indian government, but they did not comply with the request.

It had said in February that the information could be used to identify people and their political views.

The regulator said that it would seek more information from the companies and make a decision within a month.

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