What is the Hoe-Hoe-Dolle sign?

The Hoe Ho-Hole-Dole sign has been in use for almost 20 years and is used by commercial construction companies and by commercial landowners to warn potential contractors that the road is being constructed.

“The sign is an attempt to warn people when the road might be dangerous,” said Hoe Hi-Doe-Loe-Worthington, a farmer.

“It’s a warning that there are problems ahead, that the people have been misled by the contractor and that they might be trespassing.”

A sign at the Hooligan River in south-east Queensland, which has been a controversial construction site, has been taken down due to fears for its safety.

Photo: ABC News The signs have been in place since the early 2000s.

“I think the signs are important because it gives people a chance to think for themselves about what they’re buying into,” Mr Dorris said.

A farmer is concerned about the signs. “

You can’t do anything without knowing that’s going on.”

A farmer is concerned about the signs.

Photo : ABC News Hoe Hi Ho-Does-Dolin Construction Group is not happy about the removal of the signs and wants the Hoori River project to go ahead as planned.

“We feel the signs have had a detrimental impact on the community,” said project manager Mike Dorris.

“Hoe Ho is the biggest project we have had and the sign is just another example of what is going on in the area.”

Hoe Highlanders, who have been protesting the Hosel Road Project, have previously warned that the signs could lead to a “dangerous situation” as people get too close to the construction sites.

The signs are not the only construction site in the Hootenanny River region, as the Horee Project has also been built on land the Hole Ho-Hi Ho signs have not been built onto.

The Hooligans also have their own protests at the project sites.

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