Lego construction set to launch next month

Lego Construction set to go on sale next month in Australia, Canada and the US.

The $8.99 (€7.99) set contains four building sets including a Lego version of the Eiffel Tower, which features an “A” for a giant, with the word “G” next to it, and the Lego version’s name, “Tower”.

The set also includes an indoor playground, a small kitchen, a bathroom, a living room and a “mini-playground” for kids.

“Tower” was chosen to be the main attraction in the set, as it is the tallest structure in the world and “T-Rex” is also considered a big beast, the Lego developer said in a statement.

“With such a large footprint, it was important to provide a building with a similar scale to the E-Tower, as this could help to make the sets appeal to the same audience,” the developer added.

“The LEGO set also features a number of LEGO features including a ‘Mini’ mode that allows the player to build the building at their own pace and an option for LEGO Dimensions players to view the building in the real world, allowing them to build their own ‘T-rex’ from the inside.”

Lego is hoping to expand the scale of its games in the coming years.

“Lego Dimensions, the latest entry in the iconic franchise, is set to expand on the core gameplay with more levels and environments to explore, new playable characters and an exciting new adventure to help players discover their place in the universe,” a company statement said.

“We also plan to introduce a new LEGO set, which will be a new platform to build on, as well as continue to introduce new gameplay features.”

“We’re very excited about the future of our beloved game franchise and the possibilities that it brings to the gaming community.”

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