When does the state start construction on an ex-Bosnian enclave?

Construction on a $20 million housing project in southeastern Bosnia is in its final stages, with the Bosnian government setting up a commission to determine whether to build on the site of a former prison, a former school and a former detention facility, according to a government report.

The Bosnian authorities are not expecting to complete the project until the end of 2017, said Bosnian Interior Minister Milorad Dodikovic.

The commission will look at whether the state has the funds to construct the housing.

Dodikovic said the commission will be formed after an initial feasibility study of the site is completed.

The report is due to be submitted to the president in the coming weeks.

Bosnia’s government has not released details of the project, including whether it will be financed through private investors.

Dodichovic said in a statement that construction on the project is expected to take five years.

Bosnian Serb authorities have not been shy about their ambitions to rebuild their once-powerful empire in the country.

The Bosnians are seeking to build a second city of Serb-majority Bosniaks that would encompass a total of 10 million people.

The country’s population is now estimated at less than 10 million.

Djibouti, which borders the country, has also been in the news recently for its plans to build what would be its first enclave.

In September, Djiboutian officials announced that they had signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia to build two communities.

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