How to make a DIY mini-van with the right kind of cargo in tow

Posted November 07, 2019 04:09:38 I’m going to be using this little mini-vans for everything from transporting my books to my baby to exploring the local wildlife park.

But what if you can’t have a mini-vehicle that’s always ready to go?

Well, then you can always use a cargo van.

It’s called a cargo bus and it’s essentially a mini van with two wheels.

They’re usually about 5 feet long and they’re usually parked next to a small trailer, usually a small pickup truck.

The hitch on the cargo bus will attach to the trailer so that it can be driven off-road.

It’s pretty easy to build, and the construction parts are usually cheap, too.

So if you’re looking to build a mini vane and are willing to get creative with it, then the DIY mini vander is definitely a great option.1.

Paint the inside of the vanThe paint on a cargo vane needs to be painted with a good paint thinner, because the paint can rub off and you may get a little bit of paint on the inside, too, which will scratch the interior.


Add some trim The cargo bus comes with a few different trim options, depending on how many doors you want to put on it.

For the first version, you’ll want to pick one with a small roof, like a trailer or pickup truck, or one with an extra small roof.

But you can also pick one that’s larger and add more doors if you want.


Add a cargo bed You’ll want a bed that’s at least 2 feet wide and up to a 6-foot wide bed.

You can use a small crib mattress or a large bed with a larger mattress.


Install a cargo doorIf you want the cargo door to be on the top of the cargo van, you can put a door in place of the door that sits on the front of the bed.

If you want a rear cargo door, then use a door that’s mounted on the rear of the trailer or truck.


Add your own power source If you’re using the cargo buses to transport your books or bookshelf, you may want to add some power to the front end of the bus.

That way, you won’t have to pull the trailer off the road.


Add cargo cargo doors If you decide to add a cargo cargo door instead of a door on the door on your bed, then there’s a couple options.

You may need to cut some plywood off the front or back of the hitch so that the doors can attach to it.

You’ll also need to add an extra hitch to the cargo cab so that when you turn the truck on, the cargo cargo is on the outside of the truck.

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