How to pay your construction workers in Sydney

Construction workers in Australia will soon get to pay their construction company’s construction manager salary instead of their actual wages.

Construction Industry Minister Stephen Conroy said construction workers who worked for the construction company and their contractors would have the same pay rates as workers in the private sector.

Mr Conroy told the ABC on Sunday that construction companies could choose to pay employees in the construction industry more than the amount that they were actually earning in Australia.

“In some cases, it could be up to $100,000 more than they actually earned,” Mr Conroy added.

“That’s because we have provisions for contractors who pay their employees more than their pay is.”

Construction Industry Australia (CIA) chairman Stephen Conry said construction industry workers in New South Wales and Victoria would see the same rates as the private construction sector.

He said the industry’s wage and conditions would remain the same.

“We’re trying to make sure that construction workers are treated fairly, and that they’re not paid the same as other construction workers,” he said.

“The amount that we’re looking at is $100k, but if you’re a private construction worker in NSW, it’s $40,000.”

The CIA is currently reviewing how construction companies should treat their workers in this sector.

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