Why India has built more coal plants than any other country

China has been building more coal-fired power plants than other major economies in Asia, according to new research.

The World Bank has calculated that China has built 16.2 GW of coal plants and the US has 11.3 GW.

India is in a race to be the biggest energy consumer in the world and is building a lot of coal power plants to meet that goal.

In its latest report on India, the World Bank said that the country has built a total of 1.1 GW of new coal-fueled power plants in the last five years.

In India, as many as 12,400 MW of power capacity was built in the first five years of this year, compared to 6,600 MW of coal capacity in the same period last year.

The power generation capacity of India has been growing at 7.5 per cent per annum since 2011, which is also slower than the rate of growth of China.

The increase in power generation by India in the past five years was the slowest in Asia.

The new coal plants were built to generate more electricity and lower carbon emissions, but some are also meant to reduce the country’s reliance on imported power.

The new coal power projects were completed in March.

India also has a lot more coal in the ground than other countries.

India has the world’s third-largest coal reserves, according the International Energy Agency, after China and Russia.

However, the country is not the only country that is importing coal for power generation.

Russia is the world leader in coal imports, and India is the second-biggest importer after China.

In its report, the world bank said that it is “confident that the rapid rate of development of coal- and nuclear-related technologies in India will result in substantial benefits for the country in the coming decades”.

The report said that India is also on track to meet its goal of achieving 100 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity by 2020, which would be more than enough to power half of India’s population.

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