How to get your team’s new helmet: Cheap, reliable, and perfect for the NFL

What a difference two months make.

Now, after years of looking for the right helmet for the game, you can finally get your very own helmet.

The NFL has finally opened the door to the world of the “new helmet,” a term that’s been bandied about in the NFL for years but hasn’t really been put into practice.

The league has been slowly allowing helmets to be made for fans since 2014, and the league’s helmet manufacturing company, Advanced Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), has been testing the new helmets out since then.

The company is now ready to release its first helmet to the public, and it comes with some new features that make it a worthy addition to the NFL’s helmet lineup.

Here’s what you need to know about this new helmet, and how it compares to some of the more expensive helmets on the market.


It’s the best of both worlds: The NFL’s new helmets will be made from a material called carbon fiber that has been specifically designed for use in helmets, so they won’t weigh as much as other materials used in NFL helmets.

The new helmets also feature a softer shell, so there won’t be as much friction.

That means they won�t require the same kind of protective tape or padding as the old helmets, and they won �t require as many bolts and screws.


The helmet is made from carbon fiber, which is light and strong.

Carbon fiber has been a mainstay in the sports equipment industry since the 1960s, and in recent years, the technology has evolved to meet new athletic needs.

Carbon fibers can be made to a specific weight and shape, and AMS has been able to use that to produce helmets that weigh less than a standard football helmet.

Carbon also has the added advantage of being lighter than aluminum, which can lead to the helmet’s weight being lower.

Carbon is a more versatile material, too, and can be used in many other applications besides helmets.

AMS is also making a version of the helmet with a higher-strength foam layer.


The helmets are designed to last.

AMs is also using advanced technology to make sure the new helmet won� t suffer the same problems as other helmets that have been manufactured.

The composite foam used on the helmets is made up of thousands of individual layers of carbon fiber.

Each layer is made of a carbon-based polymer called PVP, which has been shown to be stronger than steel, and to last at least as long.


The team of AMS engineers is also working on ways to increase durability of the material, including an outer shell that is stronger than the old helmet’s outer shell.

AM’s goal is to get a helmet with at least 50 percent of the original material, but they aren�t ready to disclose how many layers of material they have worked on. 5.

The head strap is made to last, too.

AMSA has been working on new head strap designs since 2014 to provide an additional layer of protection for fans, and that effort has continued into the new season.

The AMS head strap has been engineered with the new composite foam to last for several years and is made out of a material that is more than 10 times stronger than previous head straps used in football.


The padding is lighter and more durable.

AM has been using a combination of carbon and PVP foam to provide padding for the new head straps, and those pads are also stronger than traditional padding.

AM also has used foam that is as strong as it gets in order to provide additional protection for the head.

AM will also be adding a second layer of padding on top of the first, to make the helmet even more protective.


The only downside of the new design is the helmet has a different design.

AM is using a “new-look” helmet, with a darker color scheme and new helmets for each team.

This is something that wasn�t a common sight for older helmets, because new helmets were usually designed to look exactly like older helmets.

But the new designs for the 2018 helmets will use a dark color scheme, and each team will have their own helmet with the same design.


AM says the helmet will be available for the 2017 season.

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