How much does Lego cost?

I know, it’s a bit pricey for a house or a construction toy.

But it’s still worth it for the simple pleasure of playing with Lego.

The company has made a habit of bringing in high-end products like Lego bricks, but they’ve also produced high-quality Lego sets for the everyday household.

The company recently announced plans to add two new sets to its lineup, the “Krystal” and “Hands-On-A-Tail,” as well as a “Krokodil” and an “Handy Dog” set.

Each of these products will cost $14.99.

The new Krystal set is based on a classic movie character named Krystal, and the company says the set will feature characters from a range of popular movies.

The set will be released in March.

The “Hairy Dog” kit will feature the dog, and it’ll include a “hand-held water gun.”

The Krystal “Krupp-Ammo” kit is based around a character from the movie “Cars.”

The “Krinkle” set features the Krinkle, a character in the “Candyland” series of films.

The Krystals “Krewe” and the “Hogstuck” set will have a “turtle” figure.

The Krewe “Sticker” and Sticker “Kerbs” kits will include a miniature turtle figure.

Each set is priced at $14, so that means the price of the entire set will cost at least $20.

That’s pretty expensive, but it’ll make the Krystal sets a great value.

The LEGO brand has grown to include several different categories for toys, and Lego’s latest offering is probably the most popular.

It’s easy to see why: its unique characters, high-grade construction, and high-definition graphics make it the perfect toy for kids and adults alike.