Framing Construction’s new line of construction adhesive says ‘all of us’

An adhesive company has announced it will soon begin using all of its workers’ names in its advertising to promote the line.

The company, Framing, said its new line includes names such as “Bryan,” “Barry,” “Lorenzo,” “Maggie” and “Jackie.”

“We have decided to name all of our workers with our own names,” said David E. Fink, chief executive officer of Framing.

“We want to show that we are one family in this family of construction and manufacturing companies.”

According to Fink and the company’s website, the company was formed by a team of seven people from across the country.

Fink said the new line will include the name of its founder and executive director, and that it will be on sale in stores and online through Dec. 10.

It will cost $7.99 each.

The first of several new ad campaigns will air in the coming weeks.

The new line is part of a new trend for many companies, including some in the construction and cement industries, to use all workers’ surnames in advertisements.

In 2016, the Advertising Standards Board in the United States issued guidance on what to do with workers’ surname names in ads, calling it “not appropriate.”

Accordingly, many contractors and construction managers say that workers’ name is a valuable asset.

According to the American Institute of Architects, the cost of the costliest, most important and best-known construction jobs is the labor time, labor, material, materials and material costs associated with construction and maintenance of buildings.

Firms such as the National Association of Home Builders and the American Association of Fire Fighters, have all adopted a “No Names” policy for workers’ advertising.

A recent survey by the Federal Trade Commission found that over 90 percent of employers said they do not use names of workers in their advertising, though the survey found that some firms have adopted names of employees.

Fifty-three percent of American businesses say they don’t use workers’ full name in advertising, according to the report.

Some industries have been quick to adopt the “No names” policy.

The American Association for Justice, the organization representing unions, said in an email to The Associated Press on Thursday that it is “inclusive of a broad range of workers’ and their organizations’ collective bargaining rights, including the right to have their own names on their advertising materials.”

It is important that businesses recognize their workers’ contributions and their contributions are valued and valued strongly,” the statement added.

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